A few resolutions to keep


1. Start an Etsy shop
2. Eat, live and dress cleaner and simpler
3. Watch 25 Cary Grant movies, beginning with Blonde Venus and ending with Walk, Don't Run


  1. Oh yes. I can do those as well. Maybe not the etsy shop since I wouldn't know what to sell. But To watch Cary Grant is a hobby of mine and number two sounds good to me.

  2. yourstrulyhelenmirren & Fleurette: We should choose a Cary Grant movie to watch simultaneously all watch Cary Grant movies simultaneously and then post about what we think!

  3. This is such a great first post. Sets the tone for your ideals on simplicity and minimalism. And pursuit of simpler pleasures. I did a cover to cover read and ended up here. Awsome blog !


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