Icon: Michelle Williams

Photo: michellewilliams-fan.com

I know this is very cliched especially within the hipster fashion scene, but I have a tremendous love for Michelle Williams' style. She may not be the best actress I know (the honour which currently goes to Naomi Watts by the way), but I adore her in the way I adore Ewan McGregor. They have so much potential and make a standout movie every once in while but often take on roles that either do not suit them or are just plain bad. I have yet to see Blue Valentine but I've read so many good things about it I'll have to go see it in limited release soon.

But on the subject of her personal style, she fuses such simplicity and earnest functionality that it's always a joy seeing her off-screen. She often exudes a fragile, almost child-like quality but comes across as strong and eloquent when she actually speaks.  In the photo above, she is wearing the Rag & Bone Grayling sweater that I myself purchased last year. It's always nice when someone you look up to affirms your choices.


  1. I too love Michelle Williams for her style and personality. I think she exudes a quiet elegance and charm about her that few have nowadays. =)

  2. Stylepint: Ah, but do you like her more than Carey Mulligan? *wink*

  3. I love your effortless approach to style. Unfortunately for me, those of us who seem to not have been born with *it*, have to learn how from those who were.

    I just posted the first outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

    What do you think?


    -La Copine


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