Monday morning.


The day starts out with breakfast, which in this case is a carrot-apricot whole wheat loaf cake and a cup of coffee. I've recently started getting into café con leche, using some Mexican instant Nescafé. Such a coffee faux pas I know. 

My closet is filled with Brooks Brothers shirts and Breton tees (my favourite is the half-sleeve one by WoodWood). Makes it easier to get dressed when you have a uniform and you never have to face the unexpected at 7 am in the morning with the rain outside and all you're gamed for is a cup of coffee and a sour expression. 

Funky socks and No.6 boots to help waterproof the bus trip to school. These clogs are the best investment I ever made. 


  1. Oh my, is that your closet? It's one thing: PERFECT! Such a delight to the eye.

  2. Okay, omg, I think your blog will become a new favorite. I can already sense that we have a lot in common!

  3. Fleurette: Thanks! It means a lot to me coming from you, since I've been following your blog faithfully for a while now. I guess we do share a love for an insane amount of breton tops.


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