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This should be fun. Jennifer of Grey Garden tagged me to post my five daily essentials. I think it's a more streamline take on the 'What's In Your Bag' viral tags so I shall happily oblige. As I mentioned before, I hate carrying bags and find myself usually stashing things into my jeans, coat or shirt pockets. I guess if there's any aspect of my life that is truly minimalistic, I would say the answer lies in my purse! Anyway, these are the five items I try to bring with me everywhere I go - either in my Kanken when I go to school, in my JW Hulme Mini Legacy for everyday use or in my PS1 when I'm feeling a little dressy. I won't tag anyone at the end of the post because everyone I know has done one of these, but if you haven't yet, feel free to do it and then post a link in the comments section.

  1. iPod and noise isolating headphones - it's the best way to deter sales people, chatty people and annoying people.
  2. Glasses - I'm not really blind, but I have to use them occasionally when driving or if I'm just trying to look smart. 
  3. Lipbalm - My dog usually eats all my lip balm, so I end up using whatever I get free or is a gift. This lip butter is from a Korres skincare set. 
  4. Wallet - I received this Gucci wallet for a birthday many years ago. It's still holding up pretty well so I don't think I'll be changing it for a long while.
  5. Field Notes - Like they say, "I'm not writing it down to remember it later, I'm writing it down to remember it now!"


  1. How do you like your JW Hulme Mini Legacy? I love the shape of those bags and have always wondered how well they wear.

  2. Oh, it's perfect. I can see it lasting a long time, sort of like the really old Coach bags. It's not so expensive that I get heartbroken if it's scratched, it's really rugged and can take lots of beating and yet look distinctly classy in some old-fashion way. I should post a picture.

  3. I love that Korres lip butter. its one of my favorites

  4. Oh, I love posts like this, and I'm actually working a "what's in my bag"-post myself right now. But, just like you, I find it often much easier using my jeans/pockets too.

  5. Ane: We should do a "what's in my pockets" post. Probably a lipgloss, wad of cash and an ID with lint for me. =)

  6. Haha, I know! That's exactly what I keep in my pockets too. PS, I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

  7. Ane: Thank you! Link reciprocated.


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