Come next spring


Bridge and Burn Castle jacket, Franco Ferrari scarf, J.Crew sweater, J Brand jeans, Comme des Garcons oxfords

"Come next spring, when all the world is new and fresh, and green, and fair; Then I'll come home, and I'll carry in my heart just one prayer; That'll I find you still waiting for my arms" - Come Next Spring, Scott Walker

In light of having listened to Scott Walker on replay for the whole day, I'm now wishing very hard for an early spring - something that I don't think is improbable given how much the climate has change. Did you know that spring has been arriving on an average of 2.3 days faster per decade and since the 1970s, it's crept forward by up to 10 days? Imagine your birthday coming earlier every year and then think about what it must be like for birds, insects and trees. Scary stuff!

Anyhow, I really only have one spring jacket (Bridge and Burn Castle jacket as shown) and I'm thinking of adding a Barbour Bedale to my clothing assemblage. I mostly carry my winter style into spring, substituting heavy jackets for lighter ones, cuffing my jeans for a casual vibe, and wearing oxfords without socks instead of boots. I also substitute thick dark winter scarves for lighter ones. I'm a huge fan of scarves because they always lend that je ne sais quois to an outfit and find that they are very useful in moderating the cold on a balmy spring day. I'm particularly drawn to those Franco Ferrari ones that La Garconne offers although they seem to sell out almost instantaneously.


  1. That climate change statistic is very disturbing, though last night's high of 14 degrees also has me wishing for spring to come soon.

    I have such a difficult time putting together outfits in the spring. I'm always either too hot or too cold.

  2. Eek, I don't want to be anywhere in the East Coast right now. I'm with you on the "too hot too cold" thing, which is why I have a scarf on most days.

  3. It really is cold on the East Coast, though I'm in the minority in that I enjoy it here in upstate NY. I really like your CdG shoes! It really is hard to find a pair of quality oxfords that'll weather the elements.

    And thanks for your advice re the Fidelity Duffle. I haven't pulled the trigger quite yet because nothing irritates me like trying to figure out the right size and having to ship things back and forth.

  4. V: Those CdG shoes are ultra comfy too! I usually just keep the oxfords for non-rainy days. BTW just in case you didn't already know, now that the Fidelity coat is on sale at Penelope's, they only do exchanges for store credit.

  5. I agree, those shoes are gorgeous. The whole climate change thing becomes far more scary when you start reading statistics, doesn't it?


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