Random items of the week

Tweed run in London, April 2010 via mistercrew.com

- Girl in above photo is the epitome of classic British perfection - beautiful curls, tweed jacket and ankle boots. I may be in love.

- I'm also infatuated with Mila Kunis.

- Happy Lunar New Year! Is it sadistic that I've seen enough pictures of rabbits to be craving rabbit stew?

- Penelope's is cashing in the crazy weather by having a 15% off storewide including sale items. They have some new A.P.C. in stock as well as generally good deals on outerwear. The code may either be "snowday" or "showday", try both and see which works (Expired!).

- British Sea Power will be making their North America rounds in April.

- South Carolina welcomes Michele Bachmann and her decision to mull over giving Mitt Romney a run for his money in  2012. What is this world coming to?

- Vintage style martini glasses are now affordably available to the masses at Crate and Barrel. At 9oz. however, it's either encouraging watered-down wussy drinks or a bad drinking behaviour. Traditional glasses were only 4oz.

- And speaking of martinis, if you're at home on the East Coast and are all snowed in, try some Prohibition Era Cocktails. And for god's sake, use some good rye whiskey because bourbon tastes like the bottom of dirty boots (and don't ask me how I know). Stay safe and warm!

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  1. How did I not know about that online store?? Thank you!! A.P.C sales rock my world.


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