Why I wake up in the mornings

Disclaimer: Hairy legs are not mine!

And a reminder that the vintage Coach leather satchel giveaway ends on April 1.

Giveaway: Vintage Coach Leather Satchel

***The giveaway is now closed. Winner will be announced soon!***

I've been doing some spring cleaning today and decided to hold a little giveaway. This vintage leather Coach bag is from the late 1970s and belonged to my mother. The measurements for the bag are: 11" (W) x 8" (H) x 2.5" (D) with a strap drop between 20" - 24".

I love it and it's still in pristine condition (minus a few scuffs as shown in the second picture). The interior cotton lining is practically spotless. However, I think the strap is a little too long for me so if you're regular height, this would look really nice for summer with a dress and some clogs. It's really old school, complete with the brass turnlock and duo color and is made in the United States.

Shipping within the United States included. If you're not the US, you can still win this, just email me and we can work out the shipping rates together. All you have to do is just leave a comment with your name and email address e.g.: name [at] emailaddresss [dot] com and I'll run a random number generator draw lots (cliched I know) at the end of the giveaway.

Closing date for entries is on April 1, 2011.

Oh, Rachel Comey, why does thou tempt me so?

Derringer oxfords, in size 5.5! Hurrah!

Hitch booties in size 5.5! Hurrah!

Okay, I am having dry heaves.  I've been schlepping around in my size 6 Mars booties for a while now because they fit slightly big. I tend to not wear them because they slip at the heel AND they are slippery AND I am the biggest klutz known to my circle of friends i.e. bad accidents do and can happen e.g.: I slipped and fell on my knees while schlepping in my size 6 Mars booties during my birthday last year after a typical Seattle November rain in front of 75 bemused people seated at The Elysian Brewing in Capitol Hill.

But apparently (cue music from 'Night of the Living Dead'), Creatures of Comfort sells the Hitch booties in size 5.5! Yay! And and and... Bird lists the Derringer Oxfords as going down to a wee size 5.5. Double yay!

I understand that I may come across as having freakishly small feet (and not to mention a little vapid because I'm heaving and fawning over shoes), but when you've spent half your adult life being told that children's shoes are good enough, this is exciting news.

Help the kids.

Image from Reuters via Google

In case you haven't heard, Tokyo's water supply is now said to be unfit for babies due to high radiation. Every little bit helps at this point. Some places that may be worth donating to include:

Mercy Corps (courtesy of Jennifer)
Red Cross

Voluntary simplicity.

Photo: Metaphorical Blue Door by Ben Heime

I wanted to first thank everyone for the kind wishes from the previous post. I somehow felt it was apt to share a very exciting tidbit of my life with people whom I've mostly never met but have been my co-conspirators in this blogging project of mine.

As I embark on a new chapter of my life (hence the metaphorical blue door above), I also wanted to share a quote from the book by Richard Gregg called 'The Value of Voluntary Simplicity' (1936):

Voluntary simplicity involves both inner and outer condition. It means singleness of purpose, sincerity and honesty within, as well as avoidance of exterior clutter, of many possessions irrelevant to the chief purpose of life. It means an ordering and guiding of our energy and our desires, a partial restraint in some directions in order to secure greater abundance of life in other directions. It involves a deliberate organization of life for a purpose.

The tragedy in Japan, the current state of affairs in this country and the seemingly endless misfortunes around the world have really question my lifestyle of late - in the way that people think of these things on the abstract, I think of it on a daily, anal retentive basis. I think (and know) that I have more possessions than I need such that it's smothered me tremendously. I'm still not really sure what the purpose of my life really is (and I do mean this in the most pretentious, existentialist way possible *snicker*), but I think that if I try hard enough to (a) avoid exterior clutter and (b) organize my life style for a purpose, I may just be able to reduce mass accumulation and learn to actually consume less to the extent where I can come to peace with myself.

While it may be hard to figure out the long-term prospects of  life in general, I think that for the time being, the few things that may help me achieve the notion of voluntary simplicity are:
  1. Goodwill donations at the end of the March including clothing, housewares and miscellaneous grocery tote bags. I really need to pare down the amount of things I own, it's driving me insane. 
  2. No clothing purchases for the month of March and April, instead I will save up this sweater if and when it goes on sale. 
  3. As an addendum to #2, limit visits to lagarconne.com to no more than 20 minutes per week.
  4. As an addendum to #3, every time an urge for browsing online stores hit, I'll read a book instead.
  5. Buy more local heritage meats, go on meatless Mondays and learn to grocery shop much, much, much less.
I know that this list doesn't necessarily help me simplify my life, but I guess it's a start. The tendency to browse online for hours on end and click on the "Add to cart > Checkout" button is an alarming contributor to why my house is a dump. 

In other not so important news...


Our plan is get married at the courthouse, throw a party with unlimited kegs at our favorite brewpub and fly off to Scotland. I'm hoping I don't even have to buy a wedding dress because I'll look like a clown with the whole wedding get-up. 

Edit: As I reflect on this, I realize that there was a more important piece of news today than a silly wedding. The earth was changed, the days grew shorter and an entire country suffered a tragedy.