The Essentials: Quality lingerie


Lingerie is one of those things that are often overlook and only replaced when they no longer perform according to function. In terms of personal style, I think that undergarments, a good haircut and well-groomed eyebrows are the best things you can and should invest in. I know it's cliched, but proper underwear not only holds everything together (not that I really have anything to hold *hee*), it often makes me feel much more confident and slightly sexy. I've recently been turned on to bralettes, but I think that having lingerie for every occasion is a necessity. It's also a necessity that they should feel comfortable and help retain a sleek silhouette. Since I'm lazy and don't like hand washing anything, I just toss everything (even the more expensive ones) in a net bag on a delicate cycle in the washer and they seem to have lasted pretty well. I get most of my daily underwear from Marks Spencer's when I visit London, and occasionally on birthdays and the New Year's I splurge on something extra fancy.

What is your take on spending extra on lingerie and is there a particular brand you would recommend?

P.S: I've updated the shop with a CdG sweater and I've marked down all the other remaining items.

P.P.S: Blogger has been pretty screwed up lately and I spent 3 hours on this post trying to figure out why I keep getting a 400 error. I apologize in advance if the post appear incoherent. I am contemplating moving to Wordpress.


  1. My lingerie is laughably unsexy and boring...I've never splurged on it, but if I ever did, I'd probably get something by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Araks, or Stella McCartney. I'm also sort of obsessed with Huit's "cupcake bra," which is more in my price range.

  2. @jennifer
    I am in love with Phillip Lim bras and the Cosabella ones from J.Crew although some cuts run a little big. I've been meaning to try the Huit bralettes since Megan posted about them.

  3. My lingerie is huge! I have larger-than-average boobies and have to go to Bravissimo to buy my bras. My favourite brand is Panache, but it all depends on the fit. I think good undies are so important; it's not obvious that I have big boobs because I have a good bra supporting them. A good bra can change your posture, figure, everything.

  4. @Kate
    Totally agreed, Kate. Most of the time, boob spillage and back fat can be remedied by just wearing a proper bra! And I also have a big big OCD thing about pantylines...

  5. I have a few H&M push-up bras that I like a lot. The extra padding isn't over the top and I think it maintains a natural-looking silhouette. I've tried on bras from Victoria Secret that made me look like I was nursing. Not attractive. I also have one from The Little Bra company that is a true petite push-up bra but it's uncomfortable for daily wear. The heavier underwire and straps do some unwanted digging. Calvin Klein and Natori have a few nice t-shirt bra options.

  6. I like the UK brand Bodas, but the selection on NAP and ASOS isn't always great. M&S is cool but sometimes I'm in between sizes, and Triumph has made my fave nude strapless bra ever for years - they are really durable too and I always replace one whenever it's worn-out, without a second thought. I think UK brands make the best underwear...

    I like Calvin Klein Underwear's triangle bras too.

  7. @Wrapped in Firs
    I've always wonder how TLBC fits, it always seemed a little uncomfortable but the petite bloggers rave about it, I don't know. I stocked up on about 10 Maidenform ones in a style they've discontinued. I have too many bras I think.

    Ooooh, I forgot about Triumph! Bodas is a little more than I would pay for everyday use, but I should definitely check it out the next time I'm looking for a splurge.

  8. @lin
    I've been trying to find a good nude strapless bra for a long time. What's the style that you like from Triumph?


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