Random items on a Tuesday

One of my favorite frivolous magazine purchases is an E-mook from Nîmes, a Japanese clothing label.  I found the magazine at Kinokuniya a few years ago and have been purchasing them whenever they go in stock, which is about twice a year and relatively hard to find. I had to wait about 3 months before the latest Autumn/Winter 2011 catalog came.

There's a kind of innocent, sweet charm about the way the clothing are photographed and styled in the catalog. It reminds me of Toast but in a more childlike way - which, not to be creepy, is right up my alley. I love the simplicity and timeless designs and the fact that everything looks so effortlessly put together. I can't attest to the quality of their clothing because it's only available in Japan and I haven't found a way to order them for international buyers. People talk a lot about the French way of dressing, but I think the Japanese have a calm sense of wabi-sabi that translates to the way they behave and dress. A lot of people associate Japanese fashion with some horrifying scene from Harajuku on the weekend, but the best of them have an uncanny appreciation for heritage, well-made goods.

Sorry for the crappy scanning, our all-in-one is about 7 years old and has been stomped on multiple times by the dog (he uses it as a perch to bark from the window at feline intruders). My lack of scanning skills is also due to the fact that  I've also been feeling under the weather over the last few days. I've been getting through by drinking lots of green tea with ginger, lemon and honey, and getting kisses/snorfles from the dog.! Hope your week has been off to a good start so far!

Edit: Look what came in the mail today -- my new rucksack from Ally Cappelino!