Public Service Announcement


In case you're wondering, I've been neglecting my blog because I'm spending more time doing frivolous shite like updating my Instagram with pictures of my dog and tea breaks. Lest I become one of those bloggers that do "My Day/Week/Month/Year/Hour/Minute/Decade in Instagram Recaps", I will just point you towards that direction even though I'm probably jumping on the bandwagon a tad too late. I received one of those new Apple toys for Christmas and I'm slowly becoming an iLemming even though a certain person in this household works for the opposing team.

That being said, I find that because I'm constantly looking for ways to share what I actually enjoy in real life sans the need to elaborate, expand upon and purchase, I'm actually spending much less time doing online shopping! I've been getting back into the groove of cooking, eating better and brushing up on my photography skills (merely so I can show it off on Instagram because seriously, it's really just Flickr for a phone). I think the ability to capture minute details of your day in an instance makes one appreciate (slightly) the beauty of everyday life. I've also been enjoying other people's posts of kids (!!!), puppies and cheese immensely.

If you have an Instagram account, please leave a comment! I'd love a nosy glimpse into your life. :-) Or you can add me @assembledhazardly