The Wardrobe Inventory


Breton (Long Sleeves)
Hope Byronesse (black/natural)
Marimekko (navy/white)
Petit Bateau (navy/white)
A.P.C. (blue/white)
Saint James (navy/white)
CdG Play (cobalt/white)

Breton (Short Sleeves) 
Hope Has Tee (black/white)
Hope Has Tee (navy/white)
Hope Has Tee (beige/white)
Wood Wood Abril Tee (navy/white)

Other tees
Hope Byronesse (black)
Hope Byronesse (white)
J. Crew linen tee (white)

A.P.C. Oxford (blue)
Steven Alan Linen L/S (blue)
Chimala Work Shirt (chambray)
Madewell L/S shirt (floral)
YMC L/S (plaid)
Dries van Noten L/S (white)

A.P.C. Floral S/S (white)
A.P.C. Eyelet S/S (white)
Madewell Silk L/S (white)
Girl. by Band of Outsiders L/S (white)

Hope Wood Sweater (gray)
Johnstons Cashmere Pullover (gray)
CdG Shirt Cardigan (navy)
Rachel Comey Pullover (gray)
Primoeza Cardigan (beige)
Derek Lam Cashmere Pullover (black)
Acne Ruth Chunky Sweater (navy)


Gloverall Duffle (navy)
Arc'teryx  Atom LT (black)
Arc'teryx Gamma MX (cobalt)
FWK Engineered Garments Field Jacket (navy)
Hope Flight Jacket (navy)
See By Chloe Peacoat (navy)

Acne Flex (Basement)
Acne Flex (Black)
MiH Oslo (Blue)
Hope Nice (Dark Blue)

J.Crew Elan Trousers (black)
Wood Wood Germaine Trousers (black)
Wood Wood Germain Trousers (beige)

Peter Jensen Pleat Front (black)
Vanessa Bruno Athe (cobalt/white)
Girl. by Band of Outsiders (black)

SC X LV (cobalt)
Jil Sander Crossbody (navy)
MM6 Tote (black)
Comme des Garcons Luxury Pouch (black)
A.P.C. Sac (navy)

Oliver Goldsmith Sophia Sunglasses
Raen Optics Ryko Sunglasses

Hope Guys Brogues (black)
Hope Soft Shoe (black)
A.P.C. Wedge Sandals (navy)
Miu Miu Mary Jane Pumps (cobalt)
Marni Mary Jane Pumps (black)
Nike Free 5.0+ (black/white)
Shoes Like Pottery (black)
Hope Chy Boots (black)
Hope Speaker Boot (brown)
A.P.C. ankle boots (brown)
NDC Made By Hand Boots (black)
Ferragamo Vara Pumps (black)
Tod's Degas Flats (black)
Robert Clergerie Valof (black)

*Updated list as of 05 Feb. 2014

I've been procrastinating a little this week, seeing as we have a heat wave warning over here in Seattle and I've been sitting next to a fan and eating ice cream all day.  Ever so often on this blog I talk about a closet purge and this summer,  my frivolous procrastination tool is a substantial re-evaluation of my current wardrobe.

Taking a leaf out of Dead Fleurette's wardrobe inventory post from a couple of years ago, I took everything out of my closet and chest of drawers and whittled things down into two categories: (a)  general clothing - which I've listed above and (b) travel/athletic/lounge clothing. Of course there are overlaps between the sets, but the latter is made up of a stockpile of Champion running tights, Eddie Bauer travel pants, fleece sweaters and tattered Marks & Sparks tank tops, so in the interest of sanity, I'm not going to list those things out except to say that I'm pretty ashamed that there's so much of them.

The inventory above are things I wear on a regular basis and a combination of any of them basically makes up my "uniform". Making this list has actually made me realize that I have more clothing than I thought although I do wear every item (except the dresses) on an endless rotation. I have no idea why I've amassed such an insane number of Hope tees except that they travel and wash really well. I also realize that I need a white shirt (Acne Patti) and a blazer (J.Crew Ludlow) and a pair of slouchy pants in navy but other than that, most things should last me a good while. Most items (barring a slew of new shoes) have been with me for a couple of years (e.g. most of the breton tees, shirts, blouses and dresses) and I guess in retrospect, maybe these are the things I should stock up on at the next opportunity. I know that my wardrobe seems to have a dearth of business/work friendly pieces, but I don't think I'll ever be working at a job that requires horrifyingly uncomfortable pantsuits, so a nice blazer and a pair of jeans should suffice.

I think it's pretty obvious that there's a few brands and color schemes I tend to stick to - Hope and the color gray being the major one.  I've mentioned before that there are only a selected amount of places I shop at,  and I absolutely hate going into stores and finding new things. I don't know if it's shallow or boastful (and I certainly don't wish to come across that way) that I'm listing the brands of my clothing, but I thought it might be helpful to those who are looking to curate their wardrobes carefully to have a list of brands/stores that I find myself constantly going back to simply because they make such simple and functional clothing.

I read a few months back about how minimalist style blogs seem to be peddling the notion of restraint while simultaneously hiding a shopping addiction by periodically purging. I found it somewhat sobering, given the fact that I never seem to be short of clothing to get rid off. It's strange how after two and the half years of babbling about simple, ethical living etc., I have more mass produced junk than ever before. I also seem to keep buying stuff I have no intention of keeping, which may signal a need to return to a therapist's chair.


  1. "I read a few months back about how minimalist style blogs seem to be peddling the notion of restraint while simultaneously hiding a shopping addiction by periodically purging."

    Very interesting! I had never thought of it that way, and it does ring true. I remember justifying a lot of my purchases because I would get rid of one garment for each new one I bought. All it really does is cut down clutter, which is not a bad thing, but it's not exactly the essence of the whole idea of minimalism. It's a step in the right direction, though, I would say.

    I am very envious of your breton top collection!

    1. I wonder sometimes if the perfect minimalist wardrobe even does exist - if the things we picked out initially were so well-thought out and for the lack of a better word, "curated", why do we feel the need to justify purchases and continually buy clothing (worn out clothes notwithstanding) even if we trade one for another? Hmm... maybe I'll talk about this in my next post! Thanks for the input and idea!

  2. It is true that purging can be a justification for buying more, which is in turned hidden by more purging, that's why I think wardrobe culling shouldn't be a goal but a way to reach a certain objective - in my case, redirect my attention, energy and time to something else than shopping.

    I don't think you own that many clothes though, and, they seem to be quite consistent in style and colour, which is a good thing I guess. Do you feel like you buy more things since you are blogging and following bloggers? Sometimes I wonder if overthinking leads to spending more in the end...

    1. Oh, overthinking DEFINITELY leads to buying more since you're never contented and feel that you should trade up. Since I stopped blogging, I've been buying slightly less - but then there's Instagram, the spawn of all that is aesthetically enviable. I shop when I'm feeling sad, so maybe I should redirect my energy to thinking about happier things!

  3. Honestly, as long as you enjoy what you own and wear it regularly, I wouldn't worry about it. I think the perfect wardrobe is always evolving - as our needs change.
    Case in point, I finally bought a third pair of jeans when I realised I needed a pair for my work trips. On the flip side, I haven't bought any trousers in two years, being very content with the three bespoke pairs I own. And I haven't purged any items bought in the last three years, barring the odd cheap costume necklace (a sign that I need to stop buying cheap costume jewelry, since it's so hit and miss).

    1. I should definitely seek out a good bespoke tailor and get things custom made. I think my main problem is often purchasing things that don't fit right, and I end up keeping them anyway because (a) I'm too lazy to return them or (b) I think I can make it work. I've finally, finally found a good alterations place and that has really changed the way I buy clothing.

  4. Looks like a pretty short list to me, although I'm fairly sure that says way more about me than it does about you. I was kind of (happy) surprised to see that your shoe list is longer than any of the other sections, but I imagine it's because since you buy quality, they're lasting so long, and so you get to hang on to them for much longer than a good quality t-shirt. I had to head over to totokaelo to check out Hope, not sure why they've never been on my radar before, but it looks like wonderful solid stuff. I'm a wee bit jealous of all your Hope pieces now! In a good way though. Especially that flight jacket. I will agree that you need a good wool blazer though, I'm so happy with mine and I know it will last years and years. Super useful and super versatile. Oh and also, good to see you back ;)

    1. I wonder if it's considered cheating that I don't list out all my other clothes i.e. lounge/travel etc. I have a terrible weakness for shoes, I had almost twice that amount just last month before I donated/sold most of it. Where did you get your wool jacket from?

  5. I for one am IMPRESSED with how minimal you keep it! And I bet you always feel like you have something to wear. Me on the other hand- my closest is stuffed to the gills yet I wear the same few things over and over. I would imagine that if I wrote down what actually wore over the course of the month, the list would be no longer than yours. It would be an interesting exercise...

    1. I decided a couple months back that I was tired of having to re-fold clothes that I don't wear every few months that I gave them away. I think my "minimalist" streak is more to do with being lazy and not wanting to do proper laundry. A few of the same pieces just makes it easier to keep all the folding that needs to be done under wraps.

  6. I have to say that looking through your list, it's not a very big list ... which means I have a very big list if I were to make one which I dare not and definitely would not post it on my blog incase the other half saw what I actually have. What you do have seems to be carefully chosen and good quality - I don't have the discipline to save up for all the good stuff - the buying gene was instilled in me from the time I was old enough to have pocket money. I also have to say your shoe list is outstanding and whilst I love a lot of the mannish styling of the loafers and brogues, the reality is they crucify my legs.

    I love the way you call Marks & Spencer, Marks & Sparks. You sound like a true Brit.

    1. I think the shopping gene is an innately Asian trait. I was contemplating posting all my items online (I'm more concerned about my mom finding out than my husband) but I think it's helping me keep things in perspective.

      I wish I was a true Brit -- I spent a considerable amount of time traipsing around England and I've never gotten rid of the nostalgic terms.

  7. I love your list, and it just oozes quality, doesn't it? Mine would be a lot longer and not ooze quite so much, but I'm working on it ;) I hear you on the athletic/lounge wear, I have a big drawer and an even bigger shelf full of just those items. Then there are the running shoes, the spin shoes, the hiking boots.. I use them though, and lounge wear is a necessity for keeping the dark months cozy and bearable. Scented candles, coffee and flannel clothing, oh yeah.

  8. Seems like a pretty useful exercise to keep track of what's useful and loved..I always feel extra affection for my things when I tidy my wardrobe (I do fussy things arrange them by colour). And I agree that your wardrobe seems like a very compact, high quality one. I think you need not give yourself too hard a time about the buying and selling you went through to arrive at a happy place...I don't know anyone who creates the ideal wardrobe for their lives at their first try.

  9. I've recently developed an affinity for Hope as well. And if you're in the market for slouchy navy trousers I definitely recommend their 'News' pants. I bought a pair not too long ago and I love them. They're super easy to wear and really comfortable. Plus, they're washable. My new closet mission is to not buy anything that's dry clean only. If I can't at least hand wash it (and that's pushing it 'cause I'm super lazy!) then I'm not interested.

    On another note- I've realized that most of my dresser is filled with old band t-shirts and stretched out yoga pants. Why?

    1. Unfortunately the News trousers are much too large for me - which is weird considering the fact that my lower half is disproportionately large. I don't ever dry clean, even when it says I should - just swishing in some water and laying flat to dry has worked for me.

      I too have an insane amount of band t-shirts and jammy pants - perhaps in memory of an era gone by?

  10. I always enjoy it when you post.

    I think your wardrobe seems very nice - good items, not too many.

    Like you, I also have far too much lounge/athletic wear, and I pretty much have an entire parallel wardrobe of "outdoors" stuff. At least I do actually use those things to go winter camping, etc.

    Do you deal much with weight fluctuations? How do you cope with that in your wardrobe? For me, that is a major sticking point with respect to narrowing down and streamlining my wardrobe. I'm tackling the weight stuff separately (not a diet, more like a major attitude adjustment), but I don't know where the dust will settle on that one or when.

    1. I've gained some weight since I started the blog - I've taken to just selling off jeans that don't fit and buying larger ones. However, since I like baggy clothing, a weight gain of about 5% of body weight just made a lot of my clothing fit snugger, nothing too drastic. It's just sort of a constant reminder for me to eat less and/or exercise more. It's really hard though, because I'm pretty sure at some point I will put on more weight than my current wardrobe can handle. That being said, I find it hard to just get rid of clothing that don't fit because (a) they are expensive (b) it's hard to find the same pieces again - so while my metabolism is still working, I'll take the hard road and keep my weight down (shallow much?)!

  11. So where can one buy these Hope tee shirts?

    1. You can get them at FlyingA NYC, Totokaelo, La Garconne and Creatures of Comfort. Table of Contents in Portland, Oregon also stocks them.

  12. It's interesting that you commented that "I think the shopping gene is an innately Asian trait". My mother is asian and I asked her about her opinion on the subject. She said that if you think about it, as a country everyone looks very similar in terms of physical appearance so as a way to differentiate identity is through fashion. It's the most impactful way to stand out and culturally fashion, as an identity differentiator, seems to be embraced.

    1. P.S. In the above statement, the 'country' my mother was referring to in the above statement was Japan in her case.

    2. Hi Monica, thanks for your comment. I was actually making that comment in jest so hopefully no one was offended - but I find that within my own circle of friends, the ones that are most interested in style/shopping are generally Asians and a disproportionate amount of fashion bloggers seem to be Asian. I absolutely agree with your mother about distinguishing one's self through fashion in a homogenous society (Scandinavians also surprisingly shop a lot) - but I think Asians in general correlate self worth with possessions, not necessarily an innate gene, but definitely a historically cultural one.

    3. Interesting...never thought of it this way. Someone did ask me how "being a person of colour" affected me and style blogging in any way on my Reddit AMA. The only thing I could think of was that a lot of fellow curators (ie you, Lin, Fleurette etc) are Asian.

  13. I've been wearing my things to pieces and sticking to a strict budget. I shop to feel better, but that only leads to feeling worse, so now I just sit with the sadness and disappointment. And contemplate the fraying of my wardrobe. I used to purge regularly to justify the spending, but no longer. Moving 3 times in 3 years helps you realize just how little you need and how long quality stuff can last.

    1. Ah, such insight here - sitting with the sadness and disappointment. I do this more now too, and it is so uncomfortable initially, but eventually feels a lot more satisfying than any of the filler actions (shopping, eating).

  14. Great collection so far. I want to check Hope out now. I am pretty strict about my budget as it's not so much of a choice as it is a necessity. Can't wait to do this soon.

  15. this is such a good idea although I really don't think I'd have the patience to do it! I think that's something that I find myself tripping over - how even after all these years I can still look through my wardrobe and find nothing that I want to wear! Or fall into the trap of wearing the same pieces over and over again! It's daft really isn't it?

    On a different note, I have a new client who specialises in ethically and environmentally friendly produced clothing made from organic cotton! Really excited for the project and I'll be in touch hoping that once we have her new branding finished and her site up, you'll be interested in helping spread the word :)

    Hannah xx

  16. In no way would I consider that list of yours as long. And scarily enough, it's somewhat similar to what's in my closet at the moment. I went a little t-shirt and breton top mad in the past and realize I own plenty of identical ones. Eeeks. Regardless of how minimalist I perceive myself to me, I still find plenty of clothes that I haven't worn in a while.

  17. Just found your blog and LOVING it. Can't wait for you to get back. In the meantime, I'll dive into the archives.


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