Hello. I'm Amanda and I live in Seattle with a man who is allergic to plenty of things. Our adopted son is named Dieter Herzog and he is the naughtiest raw-fed dachshund west of the Cascades. My first foray into blogging was on a recipe blog three years ago. Since then, I've decided that due to an overwhelming amount of food related websites out there and the fact that graduate school has forced me to eat microwave meals on a weekly near daily basis, I don't really feel the need (or want) to update a food blog.

Assembled Hazardly (title inspired by a Foundry Field Recordings song) is a personal blog, sprinkled with inspirations and anecdotes about things that I find interesting - everything from food to fashion, music to movies, art to books. I love anything alcohol, chocolate and cheese related, preferably all at once while watching Jimmy Stewart movies and fantasizing about being in a punk rock band. This is NOT a minimalist blog. If anything, I'm an frivolous consumer with a penchant for overspending.

I tend to write long, tortuous, round-about prose that veers off in all sorts of randomly obtuse angles. I'm constantly outraged and continuously pessimistic. Please bear with me. Thank you for visiting and please forgive my occasional use of 'Catcher in the Rye'-style profanity.

On images and content
All  written content and images on this site are my own unless otherwise noted. I make it a point to link back to the original source for images and articles that do not belong to me. If you feel that I have infringed on your copyrighted material, please let me know and I will remove the item immediately.

On sponsorships, collaborations and promotional material
I may accept sponsorships, collaborations and promotional materials only if the end compensation results in benefits for the reader. 

Affiliate Links Disclosure
I chose to monetize my blog as a way to raise donations for several non-profits that I love, namely:
the 'Oregon Dachshund Rescue' - a non-profit dachshund rescue based in Portland, Oregon where we adopted our 9 year old dachshund or to 'Bonobo in Congo' - a research and conservation project to protect the Great Apes in Congo. In January 2014, this blog made $127.55 from affiliate links which was donated to the Oregon Dachshund Rescue.

As of October 2014, I am using ShopSense, rStyle and Amazon affiliate links. Posts from and after October 2014 will contain affiliate links that are distinguishable by the URL "http://bit.ly/xxx" and a hover-over text notifying you that it is an affiliate link. 

I try to describe the item I am linking to, and the store I bought it at so that you do not have to click through if you don't want to. I encourage you to shop responsibly. While I appreciate all purchases and clicks made through the affiliate links, please realize that there are always sales and similar items that are less expensive. You can also sign up for Mr. Rebates and Ebates to receive cash back when you shop.

In January 2014, this blog made $127.55 from affiliate links which was donated to the Oregon Dachshund Rescue.